Supporting Private Sector Solutions for the SDGs (SPS3)

The year 2023 was critical in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It marked the midway point for the implementation of the global goals and the conclusion of the first 10-year implementation plan. In implementing the SDGs, the

The African continent had struggled with the implementation of the SDGs and were already schedule with the Goals. The various internal and external shocks in the last couple of years have not helped, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine crisis, conflicts across the region and economic challenges like currency devaluation and its attendant negative impact on inflation. These and others have slowed down the progress towards the achievement of the SDGs.

In mobilising urgent action towards achieving the goals, the role of private sector innovation and investments is critical. This is why we have created the Supporting Private Sector Solutions for the SDGs (SPS3) programme, to build the capacity of the private sector to attract patient impact investment and deploy these investments to achieve optimal social impact.

In the short term, our focus is on supporting private sector partners in achieving Goals 7 & 8 (Affordable & Clean Energy and Decent Work and Economic Growth, respectively). With about 640 million Africans lacking access to electricity, we have a commitment to facilitate access to electricity for 300,000 people on the continent by 2030. For decent work and economic growth, there is an opportunity to create between 7 and 9 million decent jobs across Africa annually, to meet demand for decent jobs across the continent. We have a commitment to support the creation of 200,000 decent jobs across the continent by 2030.

We go through a rigorous process to select private sector partners we work with, with a strong selection focus on their social impact ambitions, passion and commitment of the team members, opportunity to drive real value in impact (critical mass) and the scope of impact investments available for that such projects.

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