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Transport & Infrastructure

The availability of proper infrastructure remains a persistent challenge in many countries in Africa, including Nigeria. According to the AfDB, the Sub-Saharan Africa region alone requires infrastructure spending of $39 billion per annum and according to PwC, this number could potentially reach $180 billion by 2025, much of which will be spent on power, water and transportation projects. This presents a significant challenge as infrastructure is a key input into the cost of doing business.

This infrastructure challenge though detrimental to the business environment, also presents opportunities for businesses and investors who are able to understand the market opportunity, develop the right business model and develop the right partnerships to succeed in the transport and infrastructure space

We help clients understand these opportunities and develop future-proof strategies and initiatives to enable them take advantage of the opportunities. Our work with clients in transport infrastructure and the expertise and experience of our people have provided us with a robust grasp of the dynamics in the industry and we work with our clients to deploy this wealth of knowledge and experience to enable them extract value and generate enduring results.


Connect Rail Services was established to take advantage of the business opportunities in Nigeria’s Rail Cargo sector. With increasing growth opportunities occasioned by government investments in Rail Infrastructure in Nigeria, the company had to raise capital to expand its operations, by covering more routes.

Business Planning: Sawubona developed a business plan for Connect Rail, capturing the value in Nigeria’s growing rail sector. The business planning included the development of a business strategy, a business model and an organisational structure to optimise the opportunities. A financial plan was also developed to explore optimal capital structure for the business.

The business is currently fundraising for its expansion using the business plan for its financier relations engagement.

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