Introducing Sawubona’s Financial Forecast Product

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Developing financial forecasts for your company can be a scary prospect. This requires the examination of fixed and variable costs, growth projections, pricing strategy, capital structuring, building versus buying, break-even and other necessary concepts.

This holds true for startups looking to justify their revenue and cost models, established companies examining new income lines, or companies searching for additional investors. Sawubona’s financial forecasts solution is geared to address unique situations by developing financial models appropriate for your specific needs.

Sawubona’s Solution

Our financial model is a powerful tool that helps visualize the continuous evolution of your company’s financial shape. No matter the life-cycle stage of your company, our solution can be customized to provide a reality-based outlook on the prospects of your organization. This process is as much art as science and we have the experience to help you get it right.

We are guided by the following principles in the development of your unique financial forecast model:

  1. Developing simplified assumptions that examine the determining factors in your company’s business model.
  2. Establishing variable relationships where a change in a determining factor automatically adjusts variable factors tied to it.

Some of the other key features of our gold standard model are:

  • Statement of comprehensive income (profit and loss statements), statement of financial position (balance sheet) and statement of cash flows
  • Operating and capital cost statements
  • Cost of capital statements
  • Enterprise valuation statements
  • Detailed assumptions by category
  • Presentation of key ratios

Some Outputs of Our Solution

Sawubona Consulting provides other finance-related services:

  • Capitalisation Strategy:  Sawubona’s solution helps identify growth opportunities and use output from the financial model to structure an optimal capitalization for your business, identifying what kind of capital to access (debt, equity, convertible debt, hybrid, etc).


  • Business Valuations: Our solution estimates the value of a business for investments, sale, merger, or acquisition.


  • Risk Management Framework: Businesses face peculiar risks. With our solution, we identify, analyze, and mitigate risks, to ensure your business is able to compete in the market place. We manage these risks by building robust risk models to mitigate risks identified in the financial model.


  • Other Financial Analyses:  We provide a range of financial and statistical analyses, including product profitability analyses, service line profitability analysis, cost scenario analysis, to advise on possible business expansion opportunities.


For more information about Sawubona Advisory Services please download our Corporate Profile:

You can download the Financial Forecast product brochure here:

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