Market Research and Consumer Insights Generation

In a world driven by technology disruption and incredible power in the hands of consumers, businesses need to regularly understand changing consumer behaviours to make the right decisions. The Business environment today is more complex than ever before. Businesses are expected to be diligently responsive to the increasing demands of customers, various stakeholders and even regulators.

Organizations have been turning to the use of analytics and consumer insights. According to a 2016 PWC report, more than 92% of surveyed Global companies consider themselves data-driven.

In most cases the primary objective of an organization that seeks to turn to analytics is:

  • Revenue/Profit growth
  • Cost optimization

Our Solution

Sawubona’s consumer research and insight generation solution gives businesses the right access to the future of their markets. Our consumer insight generation solution helps organizations harness data, identify new opportunities and develop commercial plans to take advantage of these opportunities. This will help companies take better decisions that can improve new product and service development, operational structuring, geographical expansions, to mention a few.

Data on its own is useless unless you can make sense of it. Our solution answers these questions:

  • What are the expectations of my customers, and how do I address their concerns?
  • Which products are our customers likely to buy together?
  • What are the spending patterns of our customers?

Our Process

Data Collection

  • Survey Development and Administration
  • Consolidation of data collected from client’s data environment, public data sources,
    internal environment, product and service review websites and social media platforms

Insight Generation

  • Building competitive strategy
  • Exploring additional revenue lines
  • Addressing customer wants and needs
  • Fully optimizing organizational resources
  • Providing investment directions

Insight Generation

Uncovering insights from the data through robust examination of various factors to gain understanding of how these factors interact to show a future direction