Investing in Nigeria

With over 170 million consumers, a vibrant young population, a rapidly growing economy and an emerging middle class market, the Nigerian market is widely considered a growth market for businesses and investors alike.

For companies that are looking to enter and develop new ventures, projects or businesses in Nigerian and West Africa, Sawubona provides a unique combination of extensive knowledge of the Nigerian business environment, access to relationships and partnerships that will significantly ease the burden of the market entry process, deep perspectives of future developments in the Nigerian market, and experience helping businesses get off the ground.

Sawubona has the expertise, the experience and access to the right partners to help businesses seeking to exploit opportunities in the Nigerian market.

Our services are tailored to help clients and include:

Initial Market Assessments & Feasibility Studies

  • Market Opportunity Analysis & Demand Forecasting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis & Competitor Profiling
  • Business Investment Case Development
  • Regulatory Requirements Research
  • Consumer Market Research

Market Entry Strategy and Business Plan Development:

  • Market Entry Strategy Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Partners Identification
  • Strategic Partners Due Diligence
  • Operational Structures Setup (Licenses, Franchise Agreements, Sourcing Arrangements, Joint Ventures etc.)
  • Business Roll-out Planning

Implementation & Office Set Up:

  • Support the Government Approvals Process
  • Provide Representation and Liaison Presence
  • Setup of the Legal Entity
  • Establish the Organizational and Operational Structures to commence business in Nigeria, including Real Estate, Recruitment and Selection, Support Services and Systems
  • Marketing & Brand Development Services
  • Strategic Management support during early stages of the company, or even at more mature stages

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