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Financial technology has paved the way for the quick and effective delivery of financial services globally. The general consensus is that financial technology is speedily on its way to surpassing traditional financial methods. Interswitch, Africa’s leading payment solutions provider is leading this narrative for our continent.

Interswitch engaged Sawubona Advisory Services to deepen their relationship with their B2B and B2G clients. We implemented a customer-focused research, to determine customers’ understanding of the commercial and social opportunities client’s B2B and B2G products offered.

Research showed the need for branded digital content to reinforce client’s position as an industry thought leader, providing knowledge of the growth opportunities businesses and governments could get from a well-executed digital transformation strategy supported by client’s products.

Working with the Brand Management team and the Divisional CEOs, Sawubona provided the following services; Development of digital content strategy, digital content development, and digital content distribution. Content provided a platform for commercial engagement with business and government clients.