Sports-betting has become very popular in Nigeria since the first online licenses were issued in 2007. Since then, the industry has seen as massive amount of growth as sports-betting continues to gain mainstream acceptance. Over 77% of surveyed Nigerians believe that sports-betting has become very prevalent or somewhat prevalent as of July 2017.

Currently, it is estimated that of Nigeria’s about 186 million people, about 75 million partake in sports betting. Of these 75 million, 60 million are between 18 to 40 years old. This particular demography contributes N1.8 billion in betting revenue daily in Nigeria.

Sawubona Advisory Services was engaged by Betway, the global gaming corporation to provide market entry advisory. Given Betway’s online-only model, it was very important to assess the level of competitiveness the business could offer in the market.

Sawubona’s market entry strategy support provided context for Betway’s decision making. Sawubona presented the client with total potential market share, bettor psychographics across the various demographic groups, brand switch levels across the various income classes, media consumption patterns for bettors in Nigeria and how these can influence marketing and branding and possible brand associations to leverage the Betway brand in Nigeria.

We were further able to identify the best locations for market entry through a rigorous analysis of the data presented. The location identified possessed many high-value bettors, a large switchable market, a preference for online betting and a customer-base with a preference for communicating and resolving customer service issues in English. With this information, we were further able to identify partnership opportunities to deploy the brand in Nigeria.