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Agriculture remains the largest component of GDP in Nigeria and of the largest contributors to GDP growth and employment. Aided by favourable government policy, entrepreneurship and foreign investment, agriculture is steadily gaining recognition as one of the most formidable drivers of the Nigerian economy following years of oil dominance. With new strides in productivity, technology, operations management, trade, investment management and government policy, the agriculture industry is set to become even more dynamic in the coming years.

Players in the agriculture industry are increasingly being faced with dynamic, constantly evolving variables all of which possess the capacity to significantly accelerate or impair organizational performance.

We work closely with players in the agriculture industry, helping them to make sense of evolving industry dynamics and helping them to predict and manage how these dynamics impact their bottom-line. We also work with clients to understand emerging opportunities as well as institute capabilities and drive initiatives all geared towards helping the clients take advantage of the opportunities in the marketplace.

Janai Farms

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Janai Farms is an agribusiness setup to take advantage of opportunities in the Nigerian agricultural sector.

Startup Planning: Sawubona was engaged as business planning consultants for Janai Farms. Our consultants explored the opportunities in the sector, first in the cassava value chain and then in the plantain value chain. Sawubona developed business plans that helped the management of Janai Farms understand the market opportunity, the nature of competition, economic viability and market entry realities.

These business plans also proposed a strategy and business model that will enable Janai Farms capture value in the cassava and plantain value chains. The startup planning process also comprised financial plans that highlighted the financial implications and returns from the proposed project.

The client has commenced pre-planting activities on its farmland in the South-East region of Nigeria and was able to use the business plan to engage investors and financiers for the project.

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